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Rent a car with driver

Mobility, time and efficiency are vital to success of a businessman. However, spending time at the wheel, you lose precious time and this reduce your efficiency.Our car rental with driver allows you to travel in a safe and relaxed and take advantage of free time to preparing a meeting or just to relax.
D&V Touring offers a wide range of cars suitable for all occasions. From the small class cars to minibuses and buses, all our vehicles are equipped with ABS, air conditioning and airbags.
Relax. We will take care of the rest! Car rentals with driver - the most comfortable way to travel.
For reservations or request of car rental with driver, please contact us at 021/316.58.56/55 or use the contact form

Car rental without driver

D&V Touring offers for hire a wide range of vehicles, among which Dacia, Ford, Opel, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Mercedes Vito

Airport transfer

We can provide transfers from the city to airport and from airport in city or between any other two locations .We provide transportation for a group up to 8 people.
Here are some examples of prices for airport transfer (VAT included)
Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo or Opel Zafira: 25 euro
Mercedes Vito 8 +1 seats: 40 euro
BMW X3: 40 euro
BMW X5: 50 euro
For other offers of airport transfers, please visit www.airporttransfer.ro

Minibus and coach Rentals

For larger groups cloents can rent a minibus or a coach, regardless of the length of the route to be taken.

Car replacement

There are situations in which one or more cars from your company arent available for various reasons: accidents, technical problems.other problems.
In these cases ,there is a necessity for a car which our company can offer, along with roadside assistance needed and best prices available on the market.
Call with confidence in this service and you will be convinced that this service really works. Long term car rental
An alternative of operational leasing represents a long-term car rental. In this sense, D&V Touring offers a full range of services including car maintenance, full and RCA Replacement in case of accident or malfunction.
In this way, you have the chance to cover all needs of your company without the responsibility to have their own fleet.
Alternative operational leasing, long term rentals offered by D&V Touring will enable the use of vehicles in different categories. This way you can manage easier and more accurate transportation costs, because the package includes insurance, equipment maintenance, tire change, etc..
Among your benefits can include:
- The possibility of contracting for shorter periods than the lease rental;
- Possibility of contracting the service with zero advance payments.
- Replacement car in case of accident or malfunction;
- Dispatcher and roadside assistance 24 / 24h
- Full deduction in accounting for this type of expense;

A big advantage of this product is the fact that our company in order to meet our customer needs is willing to buy from them old cars to replace them with newer.
In this way the customer always benefits from a functional car park, providing a constant fluency in developing its business.

Subscription "rent a car "

is a relatively new product in car market in Romania. We can look like a rental service prepaid by the customer. It addresses legal persons owning their own fleet.The sistem look like that:client pays in advance some rental days,and he can use-it when he need-it all year long.
Obviously, being a pre-paid, acquisition costs will be significantly reduced. As this product shows great flexibility, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. As you saw, D&V Touring services cover a wide range of needs of transport of persons.
Whatever the product you are interested to, please contact us and our sales team will meet you for a detailed discussion.


The wide acceptance, Buy - Back changing the operation of old vehicle with a new one, through a specialized company. D&V Touring Rent provides this service for legal persons who wish to update their fleet or to optimize their costs by outsourcing their trasnsport.
The system is very simple: D&V Touring takes your car on a mutually agreed amount and the amount that will be an advance for the new contract for the supply of rental services.
The novelty is that in November, depending on price, you can choose to rent both new vehicles and those already in the fleet and that obviously will be offered at more advantageous prices.

City Tours

For tourists in our country we can offer city tours with or without a tour guide for vehicles with three passengers and eight passenger minibus or coach with 50 seats.City tours can be customized according to customer required


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