Car rental terms and conditions

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  • Minimum rental period is 2 days (48 hours)
  • The driver must have at least 21 years old and driving for at least 12 months.
  • First hour of delay in returning the car is not subject to a penalty, but after an hour delay,it will be charged with a price of one rental day ;
  • Is not allowed more than two additional drivers;
  • Fuel is not covered by the car rental fee/day.
  • Customers must return the cars in the same technical and aesthetic conditions and with the same level of fuel as it was at pick-up time.

Deposit payment

Deposit represent the participation of the client in case of an accident by it's fault.

  • The deposit is between 300-1000 euro depending on the category reserved.
  • Payment is only accepted by credit card,Visa or Mastercard.
  • Deposit is required for any warranty period the car rental.

Rental cars are not allowed to leave Romania!

Deposit is returned when:

  • If rental cars are returned to the same conditions at delivery;
  • If the rented car was involved in an accident,and the client must present documents from the police and other driver documents including insurance,proving that the accident was not from it's fault.

Aditional fees

  • EXTRA OFFICE: 10 EURO, car rental delivery and 10 euro return fee.
  • EXTRA HOURS: 10 EUR, the delivery / return of the vehicles outside office hours, schedule is Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00;
  • Airport fee: 15 Euro to delivery ,15 euro return;
  • One Way Fee: 50 Euro, if the city is different from the city that the client pick-up the rented car;
  • An additional driver: 15 Euro / driver, regardless of the car rental period;
  • Child seat: 15 Euro, regardless of the car rental period;
  • Snow chains: 15 Euro, regardless of the car rental period;
  • Winter tires: 2 EURO / day, maximum 20 euro regardless of the rental period;
  • GPS: 6 EUR / day and 100 Euro deposit is requested;
  • For chauffeur service a service fee of 40 EURO/8h is applied.
  • Each additional hour will be charged EUR 10 per hour;
  • In case of keys loss a fee up to 150 euro it will be charged.

Price Plans

Car rental prices include VAT, CASCO insurance, RCA insurance, unlimited kilometers. Prices do not include fuel. At those rental charges it might be added the following fees:
For deliveries to other cities than Bucharest,it might be added a delivery fee in case of not having a car present at the stations.

Car Reservation

You can make a reservation using the on-line request or contact us directly at this form If you choose this way of reservation, your request should include the following elements:
* Type car (category);
* The exact period of the rental car;
* Time and place of delivery vehicle rental;
* Name, surname of the customer , driver name (if it differs from client);
* Number of drivers who will drive the car *;
*  Payment for the rental car is only accepted by  credit card(Visa or Mastercard)
* Currency is Ron for services,euro for deposit.
NOTE:If the rented vehicle was involved in an accident and the driver was other than the one declaredon the rental contract,the customer must pay all car damages.

Cancel reservation

Cancellation of bookings will be at least 48 hours prior to the rental time. Otherwise will be retained and will be charged a daily rate of the rental period .
If you have other questions do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form


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